Best 5 Online Dating Advice During Pregnancy

Being in love is awesome. Who doesn’t like having someone to cuddle with and be all lovey-dovey with someone special? That desire for having someone around and just to have someone to rely on doesn’t go away just because you’re pregnant.

So, in this post, we’re counting down the best 5 online dating advice during pregnancy!

Because, of course, everyone’s online these days. And online dating has become the top means people actually meet. There are tons of online dating services out there for all sorts of people to meet like-minded folks who are looking for relationship-minded singles.

Dating During Pregnancy

So there’s no arguing that the best way to meet local people to connect with is through one of the dating platforms online. And if you are pregnant and wanting to date, keep these tips in mind. Here we go:

1. Be completely honest about your pregnancy from the beginning

This is the most important tip we have for you while you search for love online. This tip sets the proper expectation for your date and saves you from disappointment and possible unnecessary heartbreak.

When creating your profile on any online dating platform, put it out there from the beginning that you are pregnant and you want someone who can handle the extra responsibility of dating a pregnant woman.

You might be tempted to not reveal your pregnancy on your profile just to get folks to talk to you (cause maybe they’d reconsider). But do yourself and your future date a favor by letting them know what they would be in for before they even send that icebreaker your way.

And don’t worry. There are a lot of guys who adore babies and would love to take care of you while you are expecting. So, don’t be scared of not getting messages from interested guys. Cause trust us, you will!

2. Pick a profile photo that would show your baby bump

If you already have a baby bump, pick a photo that will show it. Again, we just want your future dates to know exactly what they would be in for before they even get in touch with you. This prevents you from guys backing out the moment they see you in person on that first date!

Pick a cute photo of your baby bump and we’re sure guys would go crazy for you, hot mama!

3. Be cool with the fact that some guys may not want to date pregnant women

And yes, we just have to say it. Not every guy would be up for dating women who are pregnant. So, just set your expectations that some guys may not be interested. Hey, that’s just how dating works even if you’re not pregnant anyway.

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to the people we choose to date. And not everyone you talk to end up connecting with you on a deeper level. That’s just how things work while dating. And it’s okay.

4. Pick a date who’s willing to put in the work for you and your baby

And the very best advice we have for you is to pick a guy who’s willing to step up for you and your baby. Be on the lookout especially for someone who is really thinking about how you and your baby is doing. Look for subtle gestures of care from your date that tell you that they are actually invested in you and your baby’s well being. If you find someone like that, you just might have hit the jackpot.

Pregnant woman

5. First date tips!

And finally, some first date tips for you when you finally find someone you actually want to hang out with in real life.

First off, meet at a public place. Let’s just put safety where it belongs people, first!

Ask your date to meet you at your favorite restaurant or at a place that means something to you like your favorite hang out place with your friends. That way, you’ll not only keep both you and your date safe by meeting somewhere public but you’ll also show them a glimpse of your personality which will never fail to impress.

And lastly, tell a friend about where you guys will be meeting. Tell someone close to you about the details of your date just in case someone might need to check up on you while you’re away.

So there you go, 5 tips on how to make online dating seamless when you are pregnant. Keep these tips in mind and we are sure you’ll be on your way to meeting someone very special!