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These days, online dating has gone to an entirely new level. There are dating sites for all sorts of kinks and quirks, as well as a variety of platforms for relationship-minded. Still, plenty of women have seconds thoughts when it comes to using dating sites while pregnant. The first and the most obvious reason is the lack of time — after all, there are so many things to do when expecting a baby — from regular o.b. visits to nursery decoration. Then, there is this tricky voice all ladies have heard in the back of their heads — “Who’d want to date a pregnant mom?” The answer is — many people, and if you’re ready to meet like-minded singles in Australia, it’s time to clear both doubts and fears away.

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Why dating sites for pregnant singles grow so popular

There are many reasons men want to use a single pregnant dating site, and the kinky thing is usually not one of them — even though, as Benjamin Franklin put it, “A ship under sail and a big-bellied woman, are the handsomest two things that can be seen common.” It’s true that some men truly enjoy the look of a pregnant woman; however, most of them use dating sites for pregnant singles to find reliable partners to share their life with. Simply put, they hope to meet local singles looking for a serious relationship; so, if nuclear family is what you’re after, matchmaking sites in AU can help — more than you’d think.

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As for the ladies, if you have the urge to date and — maybe even — find a father figure for your future child, so do the other women. Hence, the ever-growing popularity of dating sites for pregnant women in Australia and the rest of the world.

Searching for the best pregnant dating sites: how-to’s

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  • Understand your goals. Single pregnant moms dating in Australia are dating with different goals in mind, and so do the gentlemen. Some are just looking for fun and want to keep things casual; others are interested in building a lasting family. Understand what it is you want and make this info clear in your profile — this way, you’ll boost your chances of a successful relationship.
  • Always start with specialized platforms. There are numerous dating sites for pregnant ladies, and if you really want to save time online, don’t go for general platforms. Register with the sites tailored for you and your goals. Sure, you can give standard dating apps a chance too — just make sure you use proper search filters and never lie about your condition.
  • Try free options first, but don’t discard the paid ones. Sure, no one wants to pay for things we can get for free (or so we think). So, start with free platforms and maybe even check out social media. Still, don’t get carried away with your search for best free pregnant dating sites in Australia — remember that sometimes it is better to pay a minimal fee and increase your odds of meeting people with serious intentions (as opposed to wasting hours of chat with people who don’t really want to date and are just killing time online).
  • Use local filters instead of searching for local apps. While there may be a lot of free pregnant dating websites in Australia, the international selection is even larger. So, instead of looking for exclusively local startups, try joining a more popular app and set proper local filters. Or maybe even — don’t. After all, if a guy is genuinely interested, he can make an effort and book a flight. This, of course, goes for girls and guys looking for a lifetime partner, not just a casual hookup. The latter ones will have to remain local.
  • Try several platforms before choosing just one. Finally, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Before you find a site that will work for you personally, you will have to try a couple of other platforms. Stay patient even if the app doesn’t get you any dates at first, and never despair!
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Keeping the spark alive: 3 useful tips for real-time dates

  1. Be yourself. No matter if your child’s father is estranged or you used donor’s sperm to get pregnant, don’t be afraid to admit it. Most men looking for a serious commitment and hoping to start a family will question you about your reasons, and if you share their desire to bond, don’t be afraid to reveal who you really are.
  2. Remember that things happen in their own time. Online dating has a number of advantages over the traditions dates, and a chance to keep things slow is just one of them. Both you and your potential match may share a bit of disappointment in the romantic department, so don’t rush things if your partner is not ready to meet. Neither should you allow the partner to rush you — go on a real-time date only when you’re ready.
  3. Safety goes first. A dating site for pregnant girl is a nice way to meet eligible singles, but don’t lose your head. Should you two decide to have sex, remember about protection — after all, pregnancy is not the only thing that can happen during sex; and, of course, make sure your health and term allow it.